Saturday, September 18, 2010

DXN Facial Skin Treatment

For those people who suffer from facial skin allergy. The combination between these two products: cellular water cream/ cellular water and DXN GL Powder. This face mask is applied at the end of a facial treatment which is able to calm down the redness and the rashes on the skin. It is also able to reduce the allergic reaction.

Just a brief introduction, cellular water is a comforting hydro-energizing skincare liquid which is able to thirst-quench and enliven the skin, resulting in further radiance and health. This cream consists of Aquaporin, ATP, Camosine, mineral salts and water. Aquaporin is also known as the plumbing system for cells. Every cell is primarily water but the water is assumed by scientists that it leaks through the cell membrane.

The main ingredient here is Aquaporins which are membrane water channels that play critical roles in controlling the water contents of cells. Aquaporins selectively conduct water molecules in and out of the cell through the pore of the channel in a single file. Hence the presence of water channels increases membrane permeability to water.

With the help of cellular water cream, DXN GL powder will be effectively conducted into the deeper level of the skin and enliven the inner skin cells as well as penetrating into the blood stream to regulate the immune cells to reduce allergic reaction. However with normal water mixing with GL powder, GL is not being able to be transported into the inner layer of the skin and the healing effect is just superficial and less effective.

DXN GL is an 18-day ganoderma root which is able to make your immune system strong as well as tame the immune cells that are overly sensitive towards antigens. For a mild to moderate skin allergy, they are able to apply the Cellular Water Cream GL Mask on their faces to calm the irritated skin. However for a more severe skin allergy, it is time they consumed GL powder or GL capsules to regulate their immune cells from the inside.

  • Mild to Moderate Skin Allergy: cellular water cream + GL powder mask
  • Severe Skin Allergy: cellular water cream + GL powder mask + GL oral consumption
Taming an allergy reaction is not an easy task by just applying some lotion, cream, ointment or even oral medication to control the irritation and discomfort on the skin, but giving the right food to the immune system is what is more crucial and the right way to make your body allergic free.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: GL is a natural ganoderma which belongs to a mushroom family that does not contain any steroid that instantly get rid of allergic effect. It is a functional food that is able to minimize or sometimes can even eliminate allergy entirely from your body in the long run.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Viral Infection - What Really Happens?

A lot of people have the misconception between bacterial and viral infection are the same but actually they are totally different antigens which can be hazardous to our body. Most viruses are harmless and do not cause diseases. However there are viruses that can cause paralysis, cancer or even death. The viral invasion can be cellular that results in destroying more cells that will make a person falling ill.

There is no cure for any viral infection. Antibiotics is only meant to control the numbers of bacteria in the body so it will not end up with bacterial infection.

Let's see what happens when you catch a cold:
  1. An infected person sneezes near you.
  2. The virus particle attaches to cells lining the sinuses in your nose when you inhale.
  3. The virus attacks the cells lining the sinuses and rapidly reproduces new viruses.
  4. The host cells break and new viruses are reproduced and spreading into your bloodstream and also into your lungs. Due to the loss of cells lining of your sinuses, the fluid can flow into your nasal passages and give you runny nose.
  5. Viruses in the fluid that drips down your throat attack the cells lining of the throat and ends up with sore throat.
  6. Sometimes at a prolonged flu, or a more severe one like A(H1N1) flu, the virus enters the bloodstream and attack muscle cells that causes you to have muscle aches.

The picture above: The flu virus attacking a cell

Scientists and virologists are struggling today how to eliminate virus directly from our body. However we must be aware that our body immune system that actually make us healthy again.

What should we do if we catch cold? DXN Ganocelium (GL) is able to boost immune system rapidly and effectively.

For a normal adult, he can suck 3-4 GL capsules or 2 teaspons of GL powder every 2 hours.

As for toddlers and kids, they are allowed to suck 1 GL capsule or half teaspoon of GL powder every 2 hours to ease their sore throat. GL works very quickly and reduce sore throat since the polysaccharides in GL is able to make the cells reproduce membranes around them and the lining will be repaired. At the same time GL is able to stimulate the immune system and eliminate the virus within a short time.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Testimony 1: Welcome Note - Why Am I in DXN? (Part 1)

Good morning everyone. We always greet 'good morning' in DXN because it symbolizes hope and the children of DXN has the mission of spreading the good news about health to everyone that needs and believe in her.

Since year 2001, I have been consuming DXN products and my health has had gradually become better. In year 1984, I was not born with a perfect Apgar score. I did not enjoy a good childhood since unlike other healthy kids out there, I was born with hereditary asthma as well as eczyma (skin allergy). A lot of activities including games and sports I could not participate and I could not eat all I wanted.

At the age of 7, I suffered from tonsilitis. I was recommended that to have my tonsils removed without having a second opinion from other doctors. Tonsils are immunocompetent tissues which is the first line defense mechanism against ingested or inhaled foreign pathogens. Henceforth I easily caught a cold or cough when I was young and my illness recovery rate was slow.

As if it was not the worst thing that has happened in my childhood, at the beginning of age 8, I was hit by severe eczyma after consuming chicken. We do hear people are allergic to seafood, pollen or penicillin but chicken meat? I suffered from skin itchiness and ugly rashes on my joints after a piece of fried chicken. Hence, no chicken for me for the rest of the years until I met DXN. I lost in touch with fried chicken for at least 7-8 years.

Throughout my childhood, I was not able to perform Physical Education (P.E.) in school. My lungs wheezed whenever I tried to run or jump. My dream as a kid was always to be someone able to do adventurous outdoor activities and sports. To make things worse, school exams, in which stress triggered my asthma attack as well. My mom really had the hard time to take good care of me and I was the kid with a lot of health problems.

After DXN came into our family, our lives have been changed. Without realizing, my asthma and skin allergy became better and gradually I could do more outdoor activities and sports. Today, I am proud here standing and would like to share with everyone who would like to know what has DXN done to change me life. I began my sharing with my relatives and friends as well as people who have heard about it because I know how the range of DXN products are able to change our body environment and turn it into a better one.

Why am I in DXN? The journey continues...